ジャイコムメイヤス/オーラと翼について  2016年10月4日




Jaikommeiyas/Aura and Wing
4 October, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

Mr. Jaikommeiyas of the Council of Cosmos sent us a message that the following phenomena would be realized on 11 October, 2016.:

Aura emitted by souls with higher vibration will be seen by the light souls even if those are the ones who don’t ascend to the higher dimension and will not be visible for the dark souls. Accordingly, at this moment light souls and dark souls will easily be identified. The Aura light emitted by the higher vibration souls will be stronger than that emitted by the lower vibration souls.

Wings are equipped for the souls whose life cycle ( when a soul reaches to the God’s 28 th dimension, one life cycle completes) is more than 5. At the moment the wing is not visible nor functions. However, from 11 October, 2016, the wings can be applicable for flights and become visible, but only for the higher vibration souls. By swinging the wings, a soul can fly up to 500 meters high and 150 kilometers distant with whatever the clothes and heavy baggage. Flights can be slow but normally very quick and almost instantaneous even for long distance. The wing can be contained fully in the soul body. Souls with wings can put on any clothes fitted.