地球評議会のポルソメメイヤス/次元上昇の全スケジュール  2016年10月5日

 5日(水) 22時、米国の新合衆国発足に関するダンフォード暫定大統領からのプレスリリース

 6日(木) この宇宙の中心部の低エネルギー帯へ太陽系が突入し、波動エネルギーが空間に吸収される。

 8日(土) 低エネルギー帯突入のために、気温が東京で、−2~12℃に低下する。極地での結氷が進むために、海水面が0.5メートル低下する。

 9日(日) 海水面は1.5メートル低下する。

10日(月) 人工衛星である、火星、冥王星が撤去される。

11日(火) この日に4回、太陽光の輝度が15%、10分間上昇する。これは次元分離の前兆である。これは波動の高いソウルにのみ感じられる。

12日(水) 13時、これまで混合状態だった3次元、5次元世界が物理的に分離する。波動が高いソウルは、多次元的にすでに肉体が存在している5次元世界へと意識が移行する。内部地球に移行するソウルは、3次元の波動から5次元の波動へと次元上昇し、5次元の地球に移る。

15日(土) 内部地球へ移行するソウルは、この日、自動車で内部地球に移動する。移動の方法、リーダー指名は、高次元のソウルからインスピレーションとして与えられる。

Ms.Porusommeiyas of the Earth Council/Ascension Schedule
5 October, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

Ms.Porusommeiyas of the Earth Council discloses the following ascension time schedule for which she started to prepare 4000 years ago.:

October 2016 ( Japanese Standard Time)

 5 (Wed)
22:00 Press release of the New Republic start-up information by the interim president General Joseph Dunford.
23:00 FOREX(Foreign Currency Exchange Market) applies newly revised exchange rate by RV

6(Thu) Our solar system will go into a low energy region in the center of this cosmos and wave energies will be absorbed into the space. These wave energies are, electromagnetic energy, heat wave energy, gamma ray, solar light and so, on. All of the wireless transmitters and receivers, cell phones, WiFi systems, radars, GPS systems including navigation systems, RFID(wireless identification systems like automatic high way charge calculations systems and automatic entry/exit systems). All of these devices equipment, guns, missiles, atomic power plants, and nuclear war heads will lose their functions until the beginning of April, 2017. 10% of solar light will be absorbed too. Explosives for construction use will also not explode.

 8(Sat) Air temperature will be lowered down to -2~12 degree C in Tokyo. Much ice will be formed in the arctic regions and the sea water level will be lowered by 0.5 meter.

9(Sun) Sea water level will be lowered by 1.5 meters.

10(Sun) Mars and Pluto which are artificial satellites will be removed.
Highly evolved persons will form wings on their backs. These wings make actual flight possible at the max. height level 500 meters and for as long as 150Km distance with carrying heavy baggage without fatigue. The moving speed is quite quick and almost instant even for 150Km travel distance.
Aura emitted by souls with higher frequency looks bright, visible even for souls with lower frequency who stay in the 3 dimension but invisible for dark souls.

11(Tue) On this date brightness of the solar light diminishes by 15 % for 10 minutes, four times a day. This is the sign for coming dimensional separation. This phenomena can be felt by the souls with higher wave frequency only.

12(Wed) 13:00 3 and 5 dimensions, which existed in a mixed state until this date, will be physically separated. Consciousness of the souls with higher wave frequency will move to the 5 dimensional world on which already its multidimensional self exists. The souls who move to the inner Earth will ascend to the 5 dimension from the 3 dimension in which they lived.

15(Sat) The souls who go to the inner Earth will move there by automobiles which will be arranged by the leaders for whom instructions are provided by the sols at a higher dimension.
21:00 Souls with higher wave frequency till go up to further higher dimension.
22:00 The 5 dimensional Earth will be removed to another dimension.