宇宙評議会のジャイコムメイヤスからのメッセージ/次元上昇 2016年9月9日


Ascension Message From Ms. Jaikommeiyas of the Council of Cosmos
9 September, 2016
Channel: Taki Chino






We received a message of Ascension from Ms. Jaikommeiyas of the Council of Cosmos as below.:

Dearest souls, we take pleasure in informing you that the actual ascension process has started from 9 September, 2016. Our solar system is plunging into the center of this cosmos where the actual ascension with physical separation of the different dimensions and wave energy absorption are realized. It should be noticed that the wobbling of the earth axis nor functional losses of the wireless communication tools according to the wave energy absorption can be perceived by the souls with lower vibration. On the Earth, approximately 800 million souls including those who shift to the inner Earth will perceive them.

When the higher vibration souls whose potential vibration index is more than 120 are isolated from the surrounding space, the actual vibration index of these souls will be raised up to the 10 dimensional one, 30. When they contact with lower vibration souls, their actual vibration will be lowered to index 12.
Even if the vibration index is raised up to 30, these souls are visible for the souls with lower potential vibration index because the dimensions are not physically separated.

At around 16 O’clock of 9 September, 2016 in Japanese time, the different dimensional worlds will start to separate from each other. After the separation, visual and acoustic recognition with each other will be impossible. The physical body of the souls with vibration index above 120 will transmute into intrinsic 10 dimensional ET’s one after 16 O’clock.

From tomorrow onward, no meals and sleep will be necessary for the souls with higher vibration index above 120. The body of the children with higher vibration will transmute into grown ups. At the 5 th dimension and above, humans become young with infinite life span.