宇宙評議会のジャイコムメイヤスからのメッセージ/次元上昇について  2016年10月21日




1  次元上昇の前兆現象について
(1)  太陽光強度の上昇

(2)  オーラの光

2  次元上昇について



An Ascension message from Jaikommeiyas of Council of Cosmos
21 October, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

Dearest souls, I am Jaikommeiyas of the Council of Cosmos in a position to manage the Ascension of the souls on the Earth for these 4000 years. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to observe the Ascension of all the earthly souls on this date, 21 October, 2016 and to inform you the details of this event as follows.

Time used here is based on the Japanese standard time (JST).

1 Preliminary sign of the Ascension
1-1 Enhancement of the solar light
From around 10 O’clock four times at 1 and a half hour interval on this day, solar light brightness will be enhanced by 15 % for 10 minutes. This is the preliminary sign of the Ascension to be implemented later.

1-2 Aura light
From the morning time of this day, Aura of the light souls will emit light, although dark souls cannot see it.

As was mentioned before, the dark soul meas not those whose character is dark, but those play important social roles like mother, workers in enterprises and offices, policemen, soldiers, actors actresses, kings, prime ministers, generals, movie stars, news casters although their cosmic age is still young under 500 millon years (maximum is 8 billion years).

2 Ascension
Today, after the completion of the solar light enhancements, TV, cell phones and all of the other wireless equipment and devises becomes out of function because of wave energy absorption into the center of this cosmos where our solar system is going into, and thereafter the Ascension will happen. During the Ascension, approximately 700 million souls with higher wave frequency will ascend to the 8 dimension and above. Specially high wave frequency 200 thousand souls including many children will go up 10 dimension and above.

The remaining souls with not high frequency, 900 million light souls and 5400 million dark souls will ascend up to the 5 dimensional Earth and spiritually evolve further in a peaceful and harmonious free energy based society.

At the same time, four legs animals will go up to 10 dimension and birds/insects will go up to 8 dimension.