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宇宙評議会のジャイコムメイヤス/近い将来地球に起きる事象 2016年8月9日
チャネラー: ちのたき





1  地軸の揺らぎ


2  地球の直径の拡大


Earth events anticipated to occur in the very near future
Jaicommeias/Council of the Universe
9 August, 2016
Chaneller:Taki Chino

I am Jaicommeiyas from the Council of the Universe which watches and controls of the events in all of the Universes. It is great pleasure for me to talk with you, lightworkers incarnated on the Earth.

The Earth is now just in the process of Ascension. From July 27, 2016, the Earth has been vibrating at the 5 th dimensional frequency exiting from the 3 rd dimensional vibration. This new vibration frequency is higher than the old one and those who still vibrate at the old frequency must be feeling discomfort. The period of this discomfort cannot be too long and these people will shift from the existing Earth to another 3 rd dimensional planet in the not far future.

However, you are requested to take note that the below following troublesome events might be caused in the very near future.

1  Wobbling of the Earth axis
During two days, August 19 and 20, 2016, wobbling of the Earth axis caused by the drawing forces among planets. The frequency of the wobbling will amount up to 20 times within two days. The magnitude of the wobbling will be 0.1degree within 10minutes. These events will happen not only once but several times until the end of October 2016.

0.1degree corresponds to 11Km on the Earth surface. This wobbling will be caused within 10 minutes. This means that the maximum additional surface speed reaches to 66Km/hour and not very slow. Particularly acceleration might be problematic. It would not be too dangerous and people would be able to keep balanced . The buildings during construction must be taken care not resulting in corruption. Human and animals could fall into panic.

2 Earth diameter expansion
After December 2016, expansion of the Earth diameter will proceed and large cracks will be formed on the Earth surface, with increasing volcanic activities and earthquakes.

During four months between April and August 2017, the diameter of the Earth will expand by as much as 12%. As a result, very big cracks will be formed on the Earth surface with accompanying big earthquakes and serious Tsunamis. Sea water will flow into these cracks dividing the continents into several lands. Roads and rails will be separated.