核連鎖反応の発熱停止について 2016年8月31日ヴェガ評議会のハルソムメイヤス議長から伝えられ、宇宙評議会のジャイコムメイヤス議長に確認していただいたすごい情報です。






Functional Loss of Chain Reaction
31 August, 2016
Channeler: Taki Chino

Fantastic information conveyed from Ms. Halsommeiyas of the Council of
Vega and confirmed by Mr. Jaicommeiyas of the Council of Universe.

Gamma ray will be absorbed into the cosmic space resulting in function
loss of atomic power plants and nuclear warheads!

From the 6 th of September, 2016 until March 2017, our solar system
passes through the central region of this cosmic structure where
overwhelming increment of isolated electrons are observed.
Electromagnetic(EM) wave will be attenuated because of EM energy
absorption due to collision against many isolated electrons which exist
in the central region of this cosmos by about 900,000 fold compared to
the number in our normal space. By this energy absorption, EM wave will
not hit the targeted devices and all of the EM application devices like
TV, radio, radio transmission equipment, radar devises, CT scanner,
microwave oven, microwave transmission equipment, GPS and navigation
devices will lose their functions. The solar light and artificial light
will be attenuated by as much as 70% because they are sorts of EM wave.
Therefore the solar energy will also be attenuated resulted in daylight
darkness and not enough power generation capability by solar batteries.
The ships will be operated normally by using laser communication devices
but most of aircraft will not be operated because communication from it
to the ground controllers will not be possible.

Gamma rays and X rays which is a sort of EM wave will also be absorbed
by the environmental space in the center of the cosmos. Accordingly, use
of X ray photography including X ray flaw detection will become impossible.

Nuclear fission reaction can be maintained by emission of four elements,
Gamma ray, Neutrons, Alpha particles and Beta rays. However, nuclear
chain reaction cannot be heat source anymore because gamma rays
generated by the nuclear fission reaction are absorbed by the electrons
surrounding the environment in the center of the cosmos. Accordingly
atomic power plant and atomic warhead will lose their function.

The countries which rely much part of power generation on atomic power
plants will face serious energy crunch.