極移動について 2016年8月24日



「 接近しつつある私たちの太陽系ではない、別の系に属する未知の、目に見えない巨大惑星の引力の影響で、北、南極が移動する。この移動は2016年9月12日に起き、10分間に西経60度の線上を南方に約2200Km、北緯70度の位置にまで移動する。移動速度は、毎時12000kmにもなる超高速だが、この移動による衝撃、構造物の破壊などは生じない。



Pole Shift Information from the Earth Council 24,August, 2016
Channeler: Taki Chino

Mr. Pomsolmeiyas of the Earth Council conveys the following message about possible pole sift anticipated on the 12 th of September, 2016.

“ According to an effect of attractive force caused by an unknown invisible large planet belonging to another solar system which is approaching to our Earth, the position of the north pole will shift approximately by 2200Km to the south. This shift will occur on the 12 th of September, 2016. On this date, during 10minutes the north pole position will move to the point of 60 degrees west longitude and 70 degrees north latitude, along the line of 60 degrees west longitude to the south. The speed of this movement is as much as 12000km per hour but nothing will be destroyed and no
serious shock will occur.

A s result of this shift, altitude and latitude of the position of the domicile will vary and the climate will change drastically. The abrupt coldness caused by the movement of our solar system against the center of this cosmos where energy density is extremely low and the energy of our solar system including our Sun is absorbed in addition to the change of the climate by the polar shift should be taken care of very carefully. For instance, the position of Japan becomes very near to the equator and not only climate but also the life of the animal and plants will change drastically.

GPS satellite will lose its function as a result of this pole shift and most of the navigation systems for automobiles, ships, and aircraft will not work. The navigator will become merely a map indicator and cannot display direction, distance and time for destination.

The birds will be lost because of lack of precise position information and they could not fly over to the right destination for shifting the living locations.”