A message of Ascension from Ms. Nimnolmeiyas/A cosmic manager
3 December, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

The following message from Cosmic Manager Ms. Nimnolmeiyas describes how the Ascension will take place.
After very many simulations which were carried out as if actually the Ascension took place, the actual Ascension will take place at 12 AM tomorrow, 4 December, 2016. On this time, the Ascension will start by making the operation switches of the six sets of wave frequency raising apparatus on space ships connected. The apparatus will be operated for 50 minutes. At this time the level of the energy density in the center of this universe through which the Earth is now going is 178 % , 78 % above the energy level which is required to keep the Ascension go through. Approximately 6 billion dark souls with frequency index of 11 who are below 400 million cosmic age, not old enough to receive light to alter into love, will ascend up to the 5 dimensional planet other than the Earth where all the souls have limited life span. Light souls with frequency index 12 will ascend to the 5 dimensional Earth where all the souls are light bodied with permanent life and supernatural power including objects materializing through imagination and free energy is used. Approximately 700 million souls with frequency index 23, above 700 million cosmic age will ascend to 8 dimensional planet. Souls with frequency index above of 5000 will ascend up to 10 dimensional planet. The souls with frequency index of 20,000 and 100,000 will each go up to 18 and 28 dimension. For all of the souls except for those who go up to the 28 dimension, new body will be formed from 10 minutes after 12 AM and completed 10 minutes later, 20 minutes after 12. Insects, birds and animals will ascend with humans too. Accordingly, no creatures will be found survive on the 3 dimensional Earth before other newly incarnated humans for the purpose of further Ascensions 26000 years later will find the skeletons.