次元上昇の日取り 2016年10月17日(土曜日)

チャネラー: ちのたき


The time of Ascension
17 October, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

With regard to the time and aspect of the Ascension, we have been heavily interfered by dark organization. They have lost chances to start the 3 rd world war and source of money resulting from the loss of Aleppo resulting in their bankruptcy. Therefore they stopped their rogue activities including propagation of deception information about the Ascension from the 16 th of December. Just after this event. Ms. Huoyulmeiyas in the 28 th dimension who is in charge of the managing of all events in the universe informs us that the Ascension will take place on the 19 th of December, 2016 instead of the 24 th which the dark organization insisted. The vibration frequency of the Earth and humans will rise from AM 11, increasing the brightness of the light from PM 1, and the consciousness of all of the souls will shift to the multidimensional body which already exists in the higher dimension.