波動エネルギー吸収イベントが9月24日に起きる!   2016年9月14日

チャネラー: ちのたき




24 September, Wave Energy Absorption Event will happen
By Somenommeiyas/Council of Space Ships
Channel: Taki Chino

Mr. Somenommeiyas of the Council of Space Ships has informed us the following very important message.:
The prediction which told us that a wave energy absorption event would happen 8 September, 2016
was a prediction of confirmation of this event happen in the near future. This event is one in which wave energy is absorbed by an unknown object in the cosmos center. According to this event, all the wireless transmission tools and apparatuses like radio transmitters and receivers, transceivers, wireless operation systems, radio, television, cell phones, automatic charging system of high ways, RFID systems, radars will lose their function. In addition, guns and artillery, rockets, missiles will not be able to be fired. Atomic bombs and atomic power plants will lose their functions because nuclear chain reaction stops due to absorption of gamma ray which is one of the wave energies.

This event will actually happen Friday, 24 September, 2016.

Everybody is recommended to prepare for it vary carefully.